Gold membership: ($100) Features all the benefits of the Chamber PLUS including logos in each Chamber news letter and Website, a link to your business on the website and business promotional events!

Business Membership: ($50) Features all of the Chamber PLUS including a link to your business on our website and business promotional items!

Individual/Family: ($25) Features all of the Chamber!

Benefits of the Haven Chamber Membership:

  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Website presence
  • Invitations to all Ground Breaking Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and Business Promotional Events


John & Amy Brennan

Gold member leaders in the haven community:

Business Memberships

Individual and Family


John and Susan Blocker

​Chuck and Vicki Haines

Kimberly and Michael Hill

Sarah and Joshua Hoover

Lois Schlickau

F.E. (Shep) and Peggy Shoepf

Tim and Kristy Shadoin

Russ and Jill Snyder

Gerald and Sharon Green

Barbara White

Bill and Angie Wiese

Connie Brauer

Mike & Cheri Fahrbach

Stephen & Glenna Norris

Trent & Erin Peterson